Richard Anderson, DDS

Richard P. Anderson, DDS


Dr. Richard Anderson is a practicing dentist in both Northern California and Utah. He most recently sold a large private insurance based, 9 operatory practice of 3 general dentists, 2 dental specialists, and 3 hygienists in Santa Rosa, California. Dr. Anderson is currently the director of a DSO and has started 2 other private dental practices in Utah that were primarily esthetic based, boutique, a fee for service/indemnity insurance based dental practices. He most recently opened a new membership-based practice with a focus on holistic oral health.

Dr. Anderson currently is a CEREC® Basic and Advanced Trainer for Patterson Dental Supply Co. and Denstsply Sirona across the country and shares his message of creating an “Integrated Team Approach” to the CEREC® system and technology. Dr. Anderson speaks at both local and national levels on a wide range of topics, including CEREC® Basic and Advanced techniques, practice management and essential oil use in a dental practice setting.

Erin Anderson

Erin Anderson


Erin Anderson is Dr. Anderson’s wife and trusted companion. She has worked since in the dental industry for over 20 years and became a master at producing profits as a dental team member using the CEREC® system.
Erin has worked as a dental assistant, front desk manager, marketing specialist, and currently manages Empower Digital Dental. She can schedule and create the perfect training opportunity for doctors and dental team members whatever your training needs might be.