CEREC® Team Training

Become successful in everything CEREC® with industry-leading wealth of experience, knowledge, and resources to help you.

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CEREC® Training

CEREC® Basic & Advanced Training

Empower Digital Dental brings CEREC® training to you and your team!

Welcome to Empower Digital Dental where you can find training options to help you and your dental office team be successful with digital dentistry using the Denstsply/Sirona CEREC® system.

Dr. Richard P. Anderson and his training team have been using the CEREC® system since 2004 and have over 9,000 CEREC® restorations delivered to happy patients.

Empower Digital Dental has an industry leading wealth of experience, knowledge, and resources to help you become successful in everything CEREC®. Whether you are just a beginning CEREC® user or are looking for advanced training with the CEREC® system’s wide range of capabilities, Empower Digital Dental can take you to that next level. Dr. Anderson’s specialty is integrating the CEREC® system into both the esthetic fee for service type of office as well as the large insurance-based office that is striving for profit and efficiency. Dr. Anderson is the king of the true “1-Hour CEREC®!”

In-Office Training

No time? Little resources? We come to you! Empower Digital Dental offers certified in-office training where you’ll receive continuing education (CE) credit from the comfort of your office! We also offer standard pre-designed training curriculums and can custom train you in any area of expertise you might be looking for.

Training Courses

Get away! Bring you and your team to one of our Basic or Advanced training courses set in CEREC® dental offices and other venues around the country.

Lectures and Study Clubs

Looking for a convention lecture or someone to speak at your study club? Dr. Anderson has lectured around the country and is a Patterson Dental Supply Co. and Dentsply/Sirona Basic and Advanced education trainer and can provide everything from multiple day training adventures to simple 1-hour lectures.